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A Bit About Us

We aim to build confidence and skill in young, aspiring athletes, starting at grass roots level. We have significant and relevant experience, having coached in a number of schools across Haringey. We hope to bring out the best in every child, tailoring sessions to their strengths allowing them to advance and build confidence. We want to see improvements and help them keep fit, while they improve their skills - and having fun!

Our sessions aim to be fun and educational for all different children. As coaches we think being active is a major role in helping children progress, so our sessions aim to be as practical as possible allowing each child to fully grasp what they are learning.

All our coaches are fully FA qualified with DBS, First Aid and Safeguarding Children certificates.


Dane Rose, father to one of our founders, sadly passed away and he is the inspiration behind the Rose FC. Dane played a crucial role in each of our footballing lives, having been our first coach and introducing us to the game at a young age. We hope that every child enjoys our sessions as much as we did at that age.


Our aim is to shape this academy into a well respected football club/ sporting academy that provides many types of active opportunities for young people in London.

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